Ever since this project began in April of 2014, I have been fortunate enough to be contacted by hundreds of people who want to assist with Yandere Simulator's development. I am extremely grateful that so many people have generously offered to lend me their time!

There are many people who have very high expectations for Yandere Simulator, and I cannot disappoint them by accepting low-quality assets from unskilled volunteers. With this in mind, I cannot accept volunteers unless they meet certain criteria and follow the rules written below.

You should not volunteer for Yandere Simulator unless:

Rule #1

If the subject of your e-mail is vague, I won't be able to locate your e-mail when I need to. The subject of your e-mail must follow this format:

For example:

If you don't use this format for the subject of your e-mail, and one day I need to find an e-mail that you have sent me, it will be absolutely impossible for me to find your e-mail.

Rule #2

If you are contacting me because you would like to volunteer for the project, you must send me an example of your previous work. If you don't, then I will not read or respond to your e-mail.

If you'd like to contribute as a voice actor, send me a voice demo reel. If you'd like to contribute as a 3D animator, send me an animation demo reel. If you don't know what a demo reel is, you're not ready to contribute to a game project.

Rule #3

If you are no longer available to work on Yandere Simulator, please inform me. Please don't vanish without saying a word. You don't even have to share your reasons if you don't want to; just let me know that I shouldn't bother waiting for you to finish whatever task you were assigned with.

If you have been given a task, and I don't hear from you for longer than a week, I will presume that you have left the project.

Rule #4

In certain situations, I may intentionally give multiple volunteers the same task, in anticipation that one of the volunteers will fail to complete the task.

You must accept the possibility that your work may be discarded in favor of superior work.


Do you need a translator?

I am constantly changing words in the game's English script. If you translate the game right now, your translation will quickly become outdated. I don't want to constantly update the game's translation, so I am not yet ready to translate the game. After the game's script is final, I will make an announcement and ask for translation assistance.

Do you need a programmer?

I can only accept assistance from a programmer who has experience working with the Unity engine.

Do you need voice actors? Do you need 3D animators?

Yes, but only if you have a demo reel and previous professional experience.

Do you need 2D artists? Do you need 3D artists?

Yes, but only if you have an impressive portfolio and previous professional experience.

What, specifically, do you need right now?

Here is a Google Doc spreadsheet outlining every asset that I currently need: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iuIm9xpfvIfH4JyuvUFl-J4EjkvEXGKteIn17P_kTnQ

I'm a 3D animator. Is there anything important I should know?

I can only provide Yandere Simulator's character rigs in Maya format. If you are a 3D animator, I can only accept your help if you use Maya.

I'm a 3D artist. Is there anything important I should know?

I'm 18 or older, I have professional experience, I can show you examples of my work, and I've read all of the above information.

That's cool! Please visit the Contact page and contact me!