YandereDev is rude to his fans, and refuses to apologize!

In short: 99.9% of the time, my interactions with fans are perfectly civil. The other 0.1% of the time occured under very stressful circumstances.

For more than two years, a group of people have been doing some pretty screwed up things to me. They prank call my phone, they send weird things to my house, they spam me with pictures of bestiality / animal abuse, they flag all of my social media to try to get my accounts banned, they try to hack my accounts, they try to turn my friends against me, and they submit false reports to the police in an attempt to get the SWAT team to show up at my house.

For a very long time, I was hesitant to ever use the word "harassment" to describe what was happening to me, because I didn't want anyone to think that I was trying to create a "victim identity" for myself. I avoided speaking about this matter for as long as I possibly could. But, at this point, I can't keep silent about it any longer, and I think that any reasonable person would agree that what's happening to me definitely qualifies as "harassment."

If you are harassed and abused for an extended period of time, it's eventually going to affect your mood. If your mood gets bad enough, it will cloud your judgement and affect how you speak to others. There have been times when, while I was under a lot of stress due to the constant harassment, I said something rude to another person. But, this is not an indication that I'm a bad guy; it's an indication that I've been treated like garbage for so long, I'm at the end of my rope.

Every day, the anti-YandereDev crowd sends me messages like, "I hope you die in a fire," "I hope you get raped to death by dogs," "I hope your whole family gets AIDS," etc. The meanest thing I've ever said to another person is tame compared to the abuse that I receive from the anti-YandereDev crowd on a daily basis.

When someone contacts me and says, "Hey YandereDev, you said something really rude to me, and it hurt me a lot." I feel guilty and ashamed, and I naturally feel compelled to apologize to them. So far, I've said "I'm sorry" to every single person who has approached me and confronted me about something rude I said to them in the past.

However, I do not plan to create an apology video or apology post aimed at the entire Yandere Simulator fanbase, because I don't feel that I have done anything wrong to the entire fanbase. I don't think it's reasonable to judge me for the small number of times that I lost my cool after experiencing prolonged harassment and abuse. With that said, I'm willing to speak one-on-one with anyone that feels hurt by something I've said, and if I regret what I've said to them, I will apologize to them directly.

YandereDev steals assets!

In short: No, I don't.

Sometimes, when developing a game prototype, it is convenient to temporarily use placeholder assets. For example: a model from another game, or a texture that was found through Google Image Search. For a while, Yandere Simulator contained placeholder assets. It was never my intention to keep these assets in the game; they were just placeholders. I explained this in a video, back in 2017: This was done purely to make the prototyping phase go by faster and smoother. Referring to this as "stealing" or "theft" would be an exaggeration.

Ever since early 2015, the majority of the game's assets have been original. 2014 was the last year when the majority of the game's assets were unoriginal.

As of now, Yandere Simulator no longer contains any temporary placeholder assets. Every single model presently in Yandere Simulator is a model that was created exclusively for Yandere Simulator, or a model that was legally purchased from an online store.

YandereDev streams video games all day long instead of working!

In short: No, I don't. I work on Yandere Simulator for over 8 hours every day, including on weekends. I take a 3-hour break to play video games once per day, but I'm still working on the game for more hours than a normal full-time job.

In 2014, numerous people urged me to create a Patreon, so I made one. I stated that I would make Yandere Simulator my full-time job if I could earn $1,000 per month through Patreon. I met the goal, so I started working on Yandere Simulator in a full-time capacity; 8 hours per day.

When I started earning $1,500 per month through Patreon, I decided that I should spend more hours working, in order to justify the increased income. So, I started working 6 days a week. When the Patreon income increased to $2,000, I started working 7 days a week.

When the Patreon income increased to $2,500, I started working 9 hours a day instead of 8. The Patreon continued to grow; $3,000...$4,000...eventually, it reached $5,000. I convinced myself that I had to be working 13 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to deserve the money I was earning. If I worked any less, then I felt guilty. I was determined to avoid disappointing my patrons.

I completely sacrificed everything else in my life so that I could focus exclusively on Yandere Simulator. When my friends invited me to their weddings, I declined, because I didn't want to spend my time doing anything other than working on Yandere Sim. I dropped my hobbies, abandoned my friends, grew distant from my family, and dedicated myself entirely and completely to Yandere Simulator.

As a result, I burned myself out. Totally and completely. Even if I was sitting at my workstation with Yandere Simulator on my screen and my fingers on the keyboard, I simply wasn't getting much work done, because I was exhausted and miserable. I played video games occasionally, but it was rare.

On February 17th, 2017, I explained my situation in a YouTube video: I asked my audience if they would permit me to work less hours, and presented them with a poll. They voted "yes", so I started to work 2 hours less than previously. I also resumed one of my hobbies: streaming video games daily. I announced this in a video on March 17th, 2017: Streaming video games was never meant to be some sort of hidden secret.

After I started streaming daily, I began to follow this schedule:

  • 12:00 PM ~ 1:00 PM: Wake up, eat, shower.
  • 1:00 PM ~ 2:00 PM: Interact with fans, fix bugs reported by fans.
  • 2:00 PM ~ 6:00 PM: Speak with volunteers, implement new assets, fix bugs, work on upcoming features, investigate technical problems, etc.
  • 6:00 PM ~ 6:30 PM: Eat.
  • 6:30 PM ~ 8:00 PM: Work on the game, same as above.
  • 8:00 PM ~ 11:00 PM: 3-hour break from work to stream video games.
  • 11:00 PM ~ 11:30 PM: Eat.
  • 11:30 PM ~ 4:00 AM: Work on the game, same as above.

Even though I streamed 3 hours a day, I was still working for at least 11 hours every day, and I still worked on weekends. Streaming for 3 hours a day did not significantly reduce my productivity.

At this point in time, I am no longer following that exact schedule. My Patreon earnings have declined, so I have reduced the number of hours that I am working. However, I still work 7 days a week, and only take 1 day off per month.

YandereDev manipulated his audience by using the words "Chill" and "Heated!"

In short: I screwed up when I chose those words. However, I wasn't intentionally trying to be manipulative.

This is about a video from 2017: In this video, I stated that I felt pressured to work insane hours because I didn't want to disappoint the fans. I also acknowledged the possibility that perhaps I was paranoid about nothing, and that the majority of fans would be forgiving towards me if I chose to work less hours. I used the words "heated" and "chill" to describe two categories of fans; the ones who were disappointed with my development speed, and the ones who were not.

At the time, I thought that those two words were relatively neutral, and wouldn't skew poll results. However, in retrospect, I realize that these two words carry stronger connotations than I initially thought. I wish I had said "Category A" and "Category B" instead.

YandereDev couldn't take criticism from Mike Z!

In short: Yes, but it was because of an extremely specific set of circumstances that will most likely never be replicated.

Mike Z is a programmer who has worked on such titles as "Skullgirls" and "Indivisible". There was a point in time when I put Mike on a huge pedastal; I idolized him and thought of him as a mythical, godlike figure. I practically worshipped him. So, when he criticized a game prototype that I developed in 2013, I took it personally, and felt really hurt. I felt like my dreams had been crushed by my hero.

That exact circumstance - idolizing someone to an unhealthy degree, and taking their words way too personally - does not happen on a daily basis. That incident does not represent me accurately.

If you're curious to know more about the situation, you can read this post:

YandereDev's fans harassed one of his critics, and YandereDev refused to condemn the harassment!

In short: That technically happened, but you should consider the circumstances before casting judgement.

After being harassed for over a year, I eventually became very angry and bitter. One day, I heard that one of the people who harassed me was receiving harassment from Yandere Sim fans, in retaliation for what they had been doing to me.

I thought, "Wow! Sounds like karma! If you preach hate all day long, you'll eventually receive hate in return. Your actions have consequences. You can't get away with being a jerk on the Internet forever. It'll eventually bite you in the ass. It's about time this person was given a taste of their own medicine."

I was asked to condemn the harassment that this person was receiving. I didn't have the heart to do it. I had been tormented for too long, and I had grown too angry and too bitter. I could not bring myself to condemn fans who were striking back at the people who had been harassing me for over a year.

It later turned out that the person who was being harassed was in fact NOT one of the people who was tormenting me - it was just an innocent bystander. I completely reversed my stance on the matter when I learned this.

You might think it's really easy to simply say the words, "Harassment is wrong, and I condemn harassment!" But you need to put yourself in my shoes. I want you to try and imagine something - seriously, actually imagine it, as vividly as you can:

Imagine that you are the target of a harassment campaign for 12 months. A full year of people screwing with you, trying to sabotage every aspect of your life, trying to ruin whatever projects you're working on, trying to make your friends turn against you, and trying to ruin your reputaiton. After enduring that kind of treatment for an extended period of time, you'd change as a person. You wouldn't be your current self; you would slowly transformed into someone weary and miserable - but more importantly - you'd become bitter and spiteful.

You might not be able to imagine yourself ever doing something like this, but eventually, you'd actually begin to wish harm upon the people who had been abusing you. You'd eventually reach a point where you HOPE that your tormentors would start receiving the same treatment they had been giving to you. You'd want to see them brought to justice. It's not easy to say the words "Harassment is wrong!" if your life is being shattered to pieces, and you want your enemies to finally have a taste of their own medicine.

Imagine how broken a person has to be to reach a point where they can't condemn harassment, because they are so desperate for a solution that absolutely any option is on the table.That's the point I was driven to. People hammered away at me for months and months and months and months and months until I broke, and I couldn't even bring myself to say, "Stop harassing that girl."

Eventually, I did condemn the harassment, though:

YandereDev demonizes everyone who criticizes him!

In short: No, I don't.

There are several categories of people involved here:

1) Fans of the game who point out a legitimate problem with the game's design and suggest an improvement. There are many occasions when I've responded, "That's a really good point, thanks!" and fixed a flaw or improved a feature based on criticism that I've read online.

2) Fans who express concerns about the game's development, but are simply asking for clarification. They ask questions in good faith, and their intention is to seek knowledge / get answers. I always respond to them and provide them with whatever clarification they seek.

3) Former fans who have become disenchanted with the game's development, and are now pessimistic about its future. Sometimes they express their disappointment in a civil way, and other times they don't. Sometimes their concerns are completely valid, and other times their concerns are a result of not understanding the nuances of game development.

4) People who have become completely convinced that I am some sort of con artist pulling off a tremendous scam. They believe that they are righteous heroes who are exposing an evil bad guy who deserves to be taken down for his heinous crimes. They are convinced I deserve no mercy or compassion because they think I'm some sort of cartoonish villain.

5) People who enjoy the act of shaming others, ridiculing others, humiliating others, gossiping about others, digging for dirt in peoples' pasts, and ruining other peoples' lives for entertainment. Their favorite activity is saying nasty things about other people. There is no component of righteousness involved; it's simply their hobby to be cruel to others over the Internet.

Categories 1, 2, and 3 are "critics". Category 4 are not "critics"; they are misguided people spreading misinformation. Category 5 are not "critics"; they are abusers who stalk, dox, and harass their targets.

YandereDev fired a tinyBuild programmer!

In short: No, I didn't.

Yandere Simulator is banned from, the biggest streaming website on the Internet. tinyBuild told me that if I signed up with them, they would try to get the game unbanned from Twitch. tinyBuild also offered to hire a programmer to help me develop Yandere Simulator. I thought that, if I signed up with tinyBuild, maybe the people who were harassing me would stop seeing me as a failure, and would finally back off and leave me alone. Because of these three reasons, I decided to sign a contract with tinyBuild.

(However, in the end, tinyBuild couldn't actually get the game unbanned from Twitch, and the harassment didn't actually stop.)

tinyBuild hired a professional programmer so that I could have assistance in developing the game. The programmer converted the game's code from JavaScript to C#, and upgraded the game from Unity 4 to Unity 5. Both of those things were a great help. However, after that, there wasn't really much more that he could do. In order for him to do anything significant, he would first have to re-write some of the game's core systems. I would be perfectly okay with that, but it would take several months to re-write those systems, and during that time, I wouldn't be able to produce any updates or release any new builds. We all agreed that it would be a very bad thing if I lost the ability to release updates and builds for a period of several months. So, the programmer's hands were tied, and he couldn't actually do anything significant. He still wanted to help, so made little changes to the game's code, but it was mostly just busywork that didn't actually improve the game, and it was kinda starting to interfere with my work. Things weren't working out.

The game wasn't unbanned from Twitch, the harassment didn't stop, and the programmer couldn't do anything significant. As a result, the tinyBuild partnership really wasn't benefiting anyone, so tinyBuild and I simply decided to part ways. I avoided talking about this for many months, because I was worried that I might accidentally say something that violated my contract with them, and I didn't want to cause unneccesary drama. However, I broke my silence about the matter on June 10th, 2018:

YandereDev is a bad programmer!

In short: No, I'm not.

I've been targeted by a group of people whose hobby is ridiculing others on the Internet. They are motivated to stretch the truth as far as possible, because it facilitates their goal: painting the worst possible picture of the person they have targeted. If they can convince themselves that I am a hyper-exaggerated caricature of who I actually am, they will have an easier time achieving their objective. In short, they are not a credible or reliable source of information, because they are highly motivated to reach the most negative conclusion possible, instead of reaching a reasonable conclusion that is based in reality. Of course they will claim that I'm bad at programming; their goal is to convince themselves that I have as many negative traits as possible, regardless of the truth.

Many of these people do not, in fact, know what they are actually talking about. One guy said, "His Update function is 8,000 lines long! That means 8,000 lines of code are running on every frame!" In reality, only a fraction of the Update function is actually running at any given time. A character can only be in one state at a time (studying, dying, reacting to murder) and the rest of the Update function isn't running unless the character is actually in that state.

Many of these people draw false conclusions. "When the students are disabled, the framerate improves. Therefore, the low framerate is caused by his crappy code!" In reality, the framerate improves because the game has to do less physics/pathfinding/animation/rendering when a student is disabled.

There are many scripts that only run for a single frame, and then never run again. These scripts don't need to be highly optimized, because they don't affect the framerate. For these scripts, instead of focusing on efficiency, I merely focus on readability; how easy it is for me to understand the workings of the script at a glance. These people are scrutinizing the scripts where efficiency is not a priority, which is not an indication of my programming ability, or the quality of the project's code as a whole.

The claim that I'm a bad programmer falls apart pretty quickly when you realize that the people making this claim have drawn faulty conclusions.

YandereDev ignored a suicidal girl!

In short: Not intentionally.

There are weird people who record my video game streams for the sole purpose of trying to catch me saying something embarassing. To avoid providing these people with any new material, I try to ignore any sort of drama or touchy subject that comes up in my chatroom while I'm streaming.

At some point in time, I looked over at my chatroom and realized that people were having a discussion that somehow involved the topic of suicide. I wasn't sure what they were talking about, but I knew that it was drama, and I knew that if I commented on what they were discussing, my stalkers would have new material for their channels, so I decided to completely ignore whatever conversation was occuring in the chat room.

Much later, I learned the reason why my chatroom was discussing the subject of suicide. Apparently, a girl had been expressing suicidal feelings in my chatroom.

If I wasn't constantly being harassed by weirdos on the Internet, then I never would have made the decision to ignore my chat at that point in time.

YandereDev doesn't credit his volunteers!

In short: Yes, I do.

Yandere Simulator has a "Credits" scene that is accessed from the main menu. As you might imagine, it's dedicated entirely to crediting people for their work.

But, outside of the game, there are two reasons why I usually don't publicly mention the names of volunteers:

  1. I worry that if I make volunteer names public, Internet trolls will contact the volunteers and harass them in the same way that they harass me.
  2. Sometimes volunteers want to be anonymous, without telling me ahead of time. There are times when I've credited a volunteer, then received an e-mail within minutes, saying, "Please don't credit me!! Please remove my username!!" so, I usually default to not publicly mentioning anyone's name, just to avoid this situation.

But, if a volunteer asks me to credit them, I credit them as they wish.

YandereDev wants to include a rape feature in Yandere Simulator!

In short: No, I don't.

Over a year ago, I wrote a post on Reddit about taking care of your kidnapped victims by feeding them:

Someone photoshopped my post and replaced the word "feed" with "rape":

YandereDev deletes comments!

In short: Yes, but not for the reasons that you might think.

Go back and read the opening paragraph of "YandereDev is rude to his fans." Think about what I've been through over the past two years. When you're going through that kind of abuse, there are three thoughts that dominate your mind:

  • "Why is this happening to me?"
  • "How can I stop this?"
  • "I feel powerless."

It's relatively easy to answer the first question. People feel justified in treating me like garbage because they have been exposed to "Anti-YandereDev" culture; a culture that teaches people to believe that I am an evil villain who deserves to be punished and abused. This culture is created by nasty comments on the Internet that depict me as a monster.

Nasty comments lead to a culture of hate, which leads to real-life consequences like constant harassment and abuse. The only way to stop the problem is to eliminate the source of the "Anti-YandereDev" culture; comments that mischaracterize me, demonize me, and portray me as something I'm not.

If I delete comments, I'll be accused of censorship. If I don't delete comments, people will read those comments and then feel inspired to harass me and abuse me. Both outcomes suck. This is a lose-lose situation with no positive outcome. I don't really think it's reasonable to blame me for deleting comments that will inspire a hateful Anti-YandereDev culture of abuse and harassment.

YandereDev blocks and bans people for harmless criticism!

In short: No, I don't.

There are Discord servers dedicated to stalking / harassing / doxing people. Some of these servers are targeting me. Some of my friends visit these servers and tell me what the people inside are planning to do to me next. When these people attempt to post on my subreddit or my Discord, they get banned immediately because we already know what they are planning to do.

These people assume that they were banned for posting something harmless, but they were actually banned because we were fully aware of their true intentions.

YandereDev wants to kill his parents!

In short: No, I don't.

I was extremely surprised to learn that, when I was a teenage kid, I apparently wrote a post about being so angry with my parents that I wanted them to die. I have absolutely no memory of ever feeling that way towards my parents, but since the post exists, I guess I must have felt that way at some point in time.

That post was written when I was a teenage kid. "Grrrrr, I hate my parents, I wish they were dead!" is the sort of thing that an edgy teenage kid would say. This doesn't seem like a reflection of who I am; it seems like a reflection of what edgy teenage kids are like.

That post feels alien and foreign, like words that were written by a completely different person. I honestly have no idea what to say about it, other than the obvious: it's from over 11 years ago, and it doesn't reflect how I feel in modern day at all. It seems absurd that there are actually people who judge me for it.

YandereDev wrote an erotic story about rape!

In short: No, I didn't.

I once wrote a fanfic set in the Fallout universe, which contains slavery. The protagonist of the fanfic was a slave who was being sexually abused. The slave's owner was portrayed as a nasty, evil, ugly person, and he died a gruesome, undignified death. The rape scenes were not meant to be erotic; they were meant to reflect the disgusting nature of sexual abuse, and also meant to villify the slave's owner.

I stopped writing the story in order to focus my time on Yandere Simulator. There is no way for me to prove this, but the plot of the story was going to involve the slave becoming a vigilante that travels around the world, hunting and killing rapists and slave owners.

Even though I wrote a story that villifies rapists and was going to be about the genocide of rapists, people summarize the story as, "YandereDev wrote an erotic rape story!" which is as far from the truth as possible.

YandereDev portrayed himself as a cute, innocent girl in order to gain sympathy!

In short: No, I didn't.

This is about my "Hate and Shame" video, which features a female protagonist.

The point of the video was to ask people to imagine themselves in my position. YouTube's analytics page tells me that the majority of my audience is female. I decided to make the protagonist of the video a female character so that it would be easier for my audience to relate to her.

YandereDev portrays his critics as demons!

In short: No, I don't.

In my "Hate and Shame" video, I was not describing critics. I was describing a group of people who stalk, dox, and harass others for fun. I don't think that stalkers/doxxers/harassers should be portrayed with dignity, so I depicted them as grey-colored inhuman creatures. I called them "gremlins" because "stalkers/doxxers/harassers" is way too many syllables.

Around 11 minutes and 57 seconds into the video, I depicted the protagonist receiving feedback from a critic. The critic is depicted in a neutral way; not as an inhuman monster.

YandereDev spends all day reading e-mails instead of working on the game!

In short: No, I don't.

In early 2016, I was receiving an overwhelming amount of e-mail from very young children. The majority of these e-mails were very cringey and annoying. I didn't bother replying to them; I only used e-mail to speak with volunteers, have business discussions, and review bug reports. However, it was still irritating to see my inbox always filling up with cringey messages from little kids.

Eventually, I decided to try and do something about it. I tried to convince all the young children to leave me alone by making a video depicting stupid e-mails as the worst threat to Yandere Simulator's development. Unfortunately, it didn't really work; it only increased the amount of dumb e-mails that I was getting. It also caused a lot of people to develop the misconception that I spend every day doing nothing but replying to stupid messages.

The last time I complained about e-mails was over 2 years ago. I shouldn't need to spell this out, but: E-mails are not a problem for the game's development.

YandereDev is intentionally prolonging the game's development to make as much money as possible from Patreon!

In short: No, I'm not.

I rarely mention my Patreon. I've uploaded around 150 videos to my YouTube channel, and I think I've only mentioned my Patreon about 3~4 times in total. If my intention was to milk the Patreon, wouldn't I constantly be mentioning it in my YouTube videos?

I don't mention the Patreon in my video descriptions. I don't mention the Patreon in my blog posts. I don't put a link to Patreon on the main menu of the game. If my intention was to milk the Patreon, wouldn't I be trying to draw more attention to it? I think that most people are actually completely unaware that I even have a Patreon.

If my intention was to make lots of money, I would:

  • Not make a game with controversial content
  • Promote my merchandise at every opportunity
  • Already be selling the game as an early access title

However, I'm not doing any of these things. I'm actually doing the direct opposite of all of these things.

It doesn't make any sense whatsoever to conclude that I'm intentionally prolonging the game's development. There is no person on earth who wants Yandere Simulator to be finished more than I do; nothing would make me happier than to see the game come out as quickly as possible. However, I refuse to rush the project, because I don't want the quality of the game to suffer.

The game is taking a long time to develop because I'm burned out, because I'm mentally and physically exhausted, and because I'm the target of a harassment campaign. You need to realize that going through the experience of being character assassinated will have a strong negative impact on your enthusiasm, motivation, and productivity. It's simply impossible to feel inspired to work hard on a project when you feel like your future has been completely destroyed.